Review: ‘Don’t Look Up’ is angry at the right things, but lacks focus

Don't Look Up

Climate change is real. I can’t believe this is a thing that we still have to debate in the 2020s, but there is a not-insignificant portion of people –or at least people in positions of power– who seem content to let it happen in the name of high-profit margins, and have found a multitude of ways to distract the populace into either ignorance or obliviousness.

This is also the plot of Adam McKay’s new film Don’t Look Up, which presents a world not unlike our own that happens to have a planet-killing comet headed directly toward it and a and of scientists unable to convince the world to do anything about it. Subtle, this movie is not. Of course, subtly isn’t a requirement for a satire in the form of a pitch-black comedy, but you know what is? Humour. Unfortunately, this movie isn’t humorous either.

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The Monuments Men Trailer: George Clooney Saves History

Monuments Men

During World War II Europe was devastated and much of its history was in danger of being lost, destroyed at the hands of the Nazis. The Monuments, Fine Arts and Archives Program was an allied effort to save culturally important items before the Nazis could do that. George Clooney has directed a movie about that effort which looks pretty good. Let’s watch the trailer!

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