New Call Of Duty: Ghosts Trailer Looks Unashamedly Awesome

Call of Duty Ghosts

There’s much bad will towards *Call Of Duty*. Activision’s behemoth franchise has become the poster child for attracting the kind of stereotypical gamers that you’d rather leave under a rock, and while it may be true that navigating the dark corridors of its multiplayer mode could leave you hating gaming youth forever, the single player section is usually something to be savoured. It’s often criticised for being too short, shallow, bombastic and overly American – however, approach it like you would an 80’s Jean-Claude Van Damme movie, or chilli dog, and you’ll find yourself on a six hour thrill ride through multiple locations and ridiculous accents.

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Xbox One: Microsoft’s Next Generation Revealed

It’s here. After months of speculation and fevered guesswork, Microsoft today unveiled its latest machine poised to take on Sony’s incoming Playstation 4. At a special event in Seattle, journalists from all over the world were packed into a tent to to be shown…well, it’s a cable box that also plays games.

Ladies and gentlemen, the Xbox One.


It’s a giant black box, that’s for sure. The smaller section is actually the new Kinect, and it forms an integral part of the new system. In fact, it’s mandatory, and every part of the One is accessible via custom gestures. Full details after the jump.

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