#BBCAN3 ep 8 – Namaste, Bro.

bbcan3There was a major record-scratch moment in tonight’s eviction show. Normally I tune out the last ditch pleas of the people on the block to stay in the house. They really don’t make any difference and have devolved into a series of obnoxious shout-outs to people back home. On some very rare occasions you’ll get someone making a last-stand “screw you” speech. Something memorable.

Tonight was memorable. In it’s idiocy and lack of self-awareness. Graig’s final speech targeted Johnny Veto accusing him of being a bully and saying “I hope going forward you can come to grips with your own insecurities. Namaste.”

NAMASTE. Continue reading “#BBCAN3 ep 8 – Namaste, Bro.”

#BBCAN3 ep.5 – Don’t Hate The Game, Hate The Players

bbcan3If you had told me ten days ago when I gave him the sarcastic nickname “Classy Kevin” that he would become one of my favourite males in the house I wouldn’t have believed you. Or me. Because his first impression was not that great. But tonight? What are the kids saying these days, “I can’t even.”  I. CAN’T. EVEN. with the dudes in the house. Where is our Emmett & Jon? Ugh! Continue reading “#BBCAN3 ep.5 – Don’t Hate The Game, Hate The Players”

#BBCAN 3.04 – Blabbermouths, Beavers & Spin the Bottle

bbcan3It’s week 2 of Big Brother and that can only mean one thing… the gender lines have been drawn in the astroturf and a battle of the sexes is about to begin. For as long as I can remember watching versions of this show the same thing happens, BBCAN Season 3 doesn’t look like it’s going to buck the trend. But this time the “girl alliance” seems about to fail and it’s all because they forgot the first rule of girl gossip… always check to make sure the bathroom stalls are empty. Rookie move, ladies. Continue reading “#BBCAN 3.04 – Blabbermouths, Beavers & Spin the Bottle”

#BBCAN 3.03 – To Have and to Have Not (An Alliance)

bbcan3In the interest of full disclosure I am riding the spring allergy Benadryl pink elephant wave this evening so my Big Brother observations are a little less than sharp. Thankfully there weren’t too many nuances in tonight’s episode as they had to pack in both a Have Not competition and Nominations. Mostly is was 60 minutes of setting the stage for the 9 remaining weeks. Continue reading “#BBCAN 3.03 – To Have and to Have Not (An Alliance)”

#BBCAN 3.02 – Topless Hot Tubs & Burst Balloons

bbcan3When we last left the houseguests they had just found out all their belongings, the furniture for the house and all the food were locked up tight in a vault. Oh the humanity! The horror! The hyperbole! Sleep on a hard floor? Not change their clothes? Have only slop to eat? One HG (and I want to say it was Sindy With an S but I’m not sure) described it as how they treat people when they torture them in war. Another exclaimed “We don’t even have a garbage!”

The Canadian Homeless Research Network in 2013 said that 200,000 Canadians experience homelessness in any given year. Actual homelessness. Not “I voluntarily signed up for a game and now I’m sleeping on a floor in a climate controlled studio with running water woe-is-me”, so you’ll excuse me if I’m less than sympathetic to their imagined plight. Continue reading “#BBCAN 3.02 – Topless Hot Tubs & Burst Balloons”

Big Brother Canada Season 3 – The $100,000 First Impression


It’s that time of year again, Canada! Time to put 16 people from across the country in a life sized dollhouse, cut them off from the outside world, force them to battle each other and their own paranoia while dangling dollar signs over their heads. It’s Big Brother Canada! Similar to if the Stanford Prison experiment and Keeping Up With the Kardashians were mashed together and drizzled with maple syrup. Continue reading “Big Brother Canada Season 3 – The $100,000 First Impression”