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Matt’s Favourite Films of 2018

Posted by Matthew on December 29, 2019
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Best of 2018

I know what you’re thinking: December 2019 is a weird time to write about my favourite films of 2018. You might be right, but also there’s never a bad time to write about great movies. Last year I was on a break from blogging, this year I am back at it.

See, it all makes sense.

In any event here are a few disclaimers. First, I wrote this list at the end of 2018 so subsequent viewing in 2019 doesn’t really affect it. Second, if a movie you love doesn’t appear here there are two explanations: either I didn’t see it or it’s not one of my favourites. Third, this list is presented in alphabetical order (ie: not ranked) except for my absolute favourite of the year, which is last.

Alright? Alright. Let’s get started.

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Marvel Catch Up: Entire Phase Three Line Up Revealed!

Posted by Matthew on November 03, 2014
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Marvel had a special press event while I was on hiatus. Let’s take a look the films they HOLY SHIT THEY ANNOUNCED ALL OF THE MOVIES??

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Holy Shit: ‘Captain America 3’ to Co-Star Iron Man, Kick Off Civil War Storyline

Posted by Matthew on October 14, 2014
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Iron Man + Captain America

Marvel Studios has done a really good job of throwing us curveballs and not being shy about mixing things up. Looks like they’re getting ready to do that again as Robert Downey Jr. Has just joined the cast of Captain America 3 and that film will reportedly kick off the Civil War storyline in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


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Marvel Adds A Third Movie Date in 2018!

Posted by Matthew on July 23, 2014
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A May release date in 2018 brings the total to a dozen films between now and May 2019!

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Awesome: Josh Brolin is Thanos in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Posted by Matthew on June 01, 2014
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Thanos in The Avengers

Josh Brolin / Men In Black 3

Remember the purple skinned guy from the mid credits stinger of the Avengers? He’s one of the big bads of the Marvel Universe. He’s going to be in Guardians of the Galaxy and likely at least appear in Avengers: Age of Ultron and the entire nerd internet has basically assumed that he’ll be the big bad of Avengers 3. And now he’s been cast.

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The State of the Universe: The Current State of, and Speculation on What’s To Come In, The Marvel Cinematic Universe **Updated**

Posted by Matthew on April 05, 2014
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I’ve been thinking a lot about the Marvel Cinematic Universe lately. There has been nine feature films to date as well as five short films and sixteen episodes (out of twenty-two) of the television series Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.. That’s a lot of storytelling right there so as much for my own benefit as for yours I’m going to run down the current state of the universe as it stands right now, immediately post Captain America: The Winter Soldier and after episode 16 of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., as I see it and offer some speculation as to where things are going.

This is obviously going to contain spoilers for, well, everything in the MCU so far so my recommendation is to get caught up before you read this. Either that or no complaining. I’m also making predictions about what I think is going to happen moving forward so if I’m right, and I all but know that I am about one thing in particular, then consider this your spoiler warning.

Also go get yourself a cup of coffee or something because this is going to take a while.

Ok? Ok. Let’s do this.

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