The Legend of Korra – Book 4 Season Premiere


Wow, is it really that time already? The premiere of The Legend of Korra‘s “Book 4: Balance” aired on Friday, just a few short weeks after Book 3 wrapped up. After the end of Book 3, it’s no surprise that Book 4 started out with a decidedly dark tone. Hit the jump for a quick recap and my comments, then feel free to add your own thoughts to the discussion below!

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The Legend of Korra – Episode 3.09


The Legend of Korra has a habit of dropping truth bombs halfway through a season, and given the not-so-surprising traitor reveal in episode 8, I expected we’d be seeing more twists right about now. I wasn’t disappointed.  What was surprising was the way the truths were revealed — for the first time, Korra has a chance to sit down with the villain and ask him his goals, and he actively answers her questions not in a stereotypically maniacal monologuing kind of way, not in a bid to convince her to switch allegiances, but as a strategic tactic to buy himself time. I like this Zaheer fellow.

The episode summary and more of my thoughts are after the jump. Beware of spoilers! This episode had some big reveals.

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The Legend of Korra – Episode 3.08 and Other News


“Change” has turned out to be an apt name for this season. At Comic-Con, Nick announced that the show would be pulled from the network after episode 3.08; the remainder of the series will be airing on various digital sources, including, at a weekly cadence on Fridays at 12:00 PM EST.

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The Legend of Korra – Episodes 3.04 & 3.05


The bizarre Book 3 schedule continues, with Nick choosing to air 2 episodes per week for the rest of the season’s run. Even stranger is their decision to pair even-odd episodes, with the series creators saying episode 4 was actually meant to be paired with 3 (and 5 with 6). That being said, these episodes were so good that I’m not going to complain.

And just what made these episodes so good? Hit the jump for my summary and thoughts!

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The Legend of Korra – Book 3: Change Season Premiere

LoK 3.01-3.03 title

I am delighted to be in a position to write this post, as I didn’t expect Book 3: Change would air for several more months. Given Nickelodeon’s long-standing silence on Book 3, the timing of the Book 2 Blu-ray release, and the Fall release of the upcoming game, it looks as if Nickelodeon was setting up Book 3 for a late summer or early fall release. When MundoNick accidentally leaked episodes 3-6 of Book 3 couple weeks back, Nickelodeon surprised us all — they reacted by releasing the season early, starting with a three-episode premier on June 27. There wasn’t even enough time to build up hype: a leak, an announcement, then BOOM! Three episodes.

I was wary. While Book 2 won me over by the end, it suffered from numerous flaws I discussed in last year’s recaps. Well, I’m pleased to say that Book 3 is off to an extremely strong start. My recap and thoughts are below — spoilers ahead!

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Legend of Korra Book 3 Trailer Looks Action Packed!


There’s a new trailer for upcoming third season of _The Legend of Korra_ entitled _Book 3: Change_. The title makes all kinds of sense given the events of book 2 last year, with Korra defeating the evil spirits trying to take over the world but losing her connection to the past avatars in the process.

Confused? Then you haven’t been watching (and you really should be). Last year [Heather recapped each episode for us]( and she’ll be back again this year for all thirteen episodes of book 3! Hit the jump to see the trailer!

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