Legend of Korra Book 3 Trailer Looks Action Packed!


There’s a new trailer for upcoming third season of The Legend of Korra entitled Book 3: Change. The title makes all kinds of sense given the events of book 2 last year, with Korra defeating the evil spirits trying to take over the world but losing her connection to the past avatars in the process.

Confused? Then you haven’t been watching (and you really should be). Last year Heather recapped each episode for us and she’ll be back again this year for all thirteen episodes of book 3! Hit the jump to see the trailer!

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Something For The Weekend: Avatar: The Last Airbender


Have you been enjoying The Legend of Korra? How about Heather’s recaps? If you said yes to either of these then maybe you should check out the series that started it all!

Avatar: The Last Airbender is a kids show but it also features a story of epic scope with many adult themes. It’s the story of a hero dealing with a world he has been absent from, a mantle he hasn’t fully inherited, and a villain bent on dominating all corners of the world.

There are three seasons with 20, 20 and 21 half hour episodes each, and it’s entirely worth your time. All three seasons are available on iTunes and Amazon via the links below. Full disclosure: these are affiliate links so if you use them we’ll get a commission on the sale. Please do that though as we like doing this and every little bit helps us do that.