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VIFF Review: ‘Daughter’ jumps head first into grief and self destruction, but doesn’t quite stick the landing

Posted by Matthew on October 06, 2019
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Daughter / VIFF 2019

Loss of a loved one does many things to many people. Some turn quiet and introspective, some get angry and abusive, and some are broken by the experience and become self destructive.

Daughter is the story of a man dealing with an immense personal loss who is one of these third types of people. Jim’s (John Cassini) life is in a spiral, a positive feedback loop of drinking and prostitutes and running away from his grief. He is estranged from his wife and friends and is barely present at his job, and all because he doesn’t have the courage or will to face his traumatic past.

That, my friends, is a hell of a setup for a movie. I wish the payoff was as good.

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