Trailer: Jack the Giant Slayer


Apologies for the lack of posting folks, real life happened a bit this week. Should be back up to speed by Saturday or so.

In the meantime, Jack the Giant Slayer got a new trailer.

Originally this was scheduled for last year. It certainly looks prettier than the original trailer but this one does a far worse job of selling me on the idea that it might actually be a good movie.

What do you guys think?

Trailer: L’Ecume Des Jours/Mood Indigo is something you need to see

Mood Indigo

Remember how blown away you were by the look and feel of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind the first time you saw it? Michel Gondry certainly has a style to his own and it looks like he’s about to blow us away again. Here’s the trailer for L’Ecume Des Jours, his latest film (otherwise known as Mood Indigo):

So, another romance set in another crazy dreamscape of a world. I’m totally down for this. I love Gondry’s style and it doesn’t hurt that Audrey Tautou, Romain Duris and Omar Sy, each of them are amazing, are starring.

And just read the synopsis of the novel it’s based on. It’s like it was written for Gondry:

Colin is a wealthy young man with a resourceful and stylish man-servant, Nicolas, as well as a fantastic olfactory-musical invention: the pianocktail. With dizzying speed, Colin meets and weds Chloé in a grand ceremony. Generously, Colin bequeaths a quarter of his fortune to his friends Chick and Alise so they too may marry.

Happiness should await both couples but Chloé falls ill upon her honeymoon with a water lily in the lung, a painful and rare condition that can only be treated by surrounding her with flowers.

Long story short, this looks like it might be the best Gondry film in a while and I can’t freaking wait.

[source: slashfilm]

Trailer: Big Ass Spider!

Big Ass Spider

Check this out.

Am I the only one that thinks this movie looks like it might be kind of amazing? Not high art, but a great throwback to the “giant insect” type B-Movies of the past. Snakes on a Plane amazing, if you will.

Here’s the official synopsis:

An exterminator (Greg Grunberg) and his sidekick (Lombardo Boyar) are caught in an epic battle when a military assault fails to contain a giant alien spider rampaging through the city of Los Angeles.

Looks ridiculous. Where do I sign?

[source: slashfilm]

Awesome: Please Let Today’s Star Wars Rumour Be True

Oh, man. There seems to be a new Star Wars rumour every day – this week alone has suggested origin movies for Han Solo and Yoda – but today’s is so good that I’m just praying that this one turns out to be true.

An Australian radio show is quoting a reliable source that insists the main baddie in JJ Abrams’ new Star Wars will definitely be…John Noble, AKA Walter Bishop from Fringe.

This guy
This guy

If you’ve seen him as the evil alternate Walter or his character in Lord Of The Rings then you’ll know how deliciously evil he can be without turning his character into a pantomime stereotype. Exactly what Episode VII needs. So, while I’m pretty sure that 99.999% of all the current Star Wars rumours will prove to be completely false, I’m hoping against hope that this one happens.

Via io9

Awesome: A Look at How The Steam Box Will Redefine Consoles


T.C. Sottek Writing for The Verge:

Valve is trying to build a game console that you haven’t seen before: something that brings the PC (the big thing sitting on your desk) and the traditional console (the little thing sitting under your TV) together into a single device. A device that will run Valve’s Steam platform: the biggest digital game distribution service on the market, with upwards of 50 million users. (By comparison, Xbox Live has somewhere around 40 million subscribers.) But what does that really mean?


Based on what Valve has told us, its Steam box will — like a console — be something small and quiet that you can fit near your television while you kick back on the couch with a wireless controller. Like a PC, it will let you buy and download your games as many times as you want without needing any discs, and choose from a vast library of free game customizations. The Steam Box will also include a few unique twists, like controllers that can passively sense your feelings (biometrics), and wireless technology that can connect the console to several rooms and screens in your house at the same time.

Valve is shopping for the right ingredients — the features, parts, and partners — to make the Steam Box a reality. But why would a software company like Valve, known for its game-making chops, want to bake its own consoles and controllers? Let’s look back at 2012 to find out.

It’s a long article so be sure to get comfy before you sit down to read, but do sit down to read because it’s a nice rundown of everything that seems to be going on.

I, for one, can’t wait for this thing.

[source: the verge]

Trailer: Fast and Furious 6 Extended Trailer is Kind of Awesome

Fast and Furious 6

We saw the first trailer during the Super Bowl and now there’s an extended version.

I’m looking forward to this movie. Like I’ve said before the 4th and 5th entries in this series were both good, with Fast Five being the best in the series so far if you ask me. This looks like it’s going to tie up all the loose ends from the story so far and bring (almost) every character into the action. Luke Evans appears to be a bit of a stereotype “ex special forces bad guy” but as long as he has the charisma there’s nothing wrong with that in a movie like this.

And let’s face it, some of the stuff they do with the cars is pretty freaking sweet.

If I have any complaints they’d be that at 3 minutes 20 seconds this trailer doesn’t really leave me wanting a lot more. I’m worried that I’ve basically seen the whole movie now (which wouldn’t be the first time that’s happened) and also I kind of wish they’d stuck with one system for naming the movies so that this one would be called 6 Fast 6 Furious.

Awesome: Monty Python to (mostly) Reunite for SciFi Film with Robin Williams

Monty Python

From Variety:

Members of Monty Python’s Flying Circus are reteaming for “Absolutely Anything,” a sci-fi farce combining CGI and live action, with Terry Jones to direct and Mike Medavoy to produce.

Plans are for filming to begin in the U.K. this spring, with the Pythons voicing key roles as a a group of aliens who endow an earthling with the power to do “absolutely anything” to see what a mess he’ll make of things — which is precisely what happens. There’s also a talking dog named Dennis who seems to understand more about the mayhem that ensues than anyone else does. Robin Williams will voice the character.

“It’s not a Monty Python picture, but it certainly has that sensibility,” Jones told Variety.

Not all the Pythons are on board of course. Eric Idle is yet to sign on and Graham Chapman is, you know, dead. Still even if it’s not a Python film proper it’ll be amazing to see them… wait, hear them. It’ll be amazing to hear them all back together again.

The addition of Robin Williams will be an interesting one as well, his rather manic style may fit in either perfectly or terribly. My question is will they cast Eddie Izzard in any roles?

Either way, this should hopefully be something to look forward to.

Awesome: Chris Pratt Cast as Star Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy


Holy crap Chris Pratt has been cast as Star Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy. From Deadline:

After a long search, Marvel Studios has found its lead for its next big superhero franchise, the James Gunn-directed Guardians Of The Galaxy. I hear the role will go to Chris Pratt, the Moneyball star who bulked up and played one of the hero Navy SEALs in Kathryn Bigelow’s Zero Dark Thirty. The role is Star-Lord, the Guardians leader who is the offspring of a human mother and an alien father. A puffier Pratt plays Andy Dwyer on the NBC series Parks And Recreation. He certainly has the charisma to hold the screen.

This is most definitely good news. Chris Pratt is one of the best parts of Parks and Rec, and he has been a great supporting player in Moneyball, Zero Dark Thirty and everything else I’ve seen him in. He’s got the bulk and badassery cred from ZDT as well as the comic timing so I think this is going to work out well. In fact he might be a perfect fit for James Gunn’s style.

Plus the big rumour is that Iron Man will head into space at some point during Iron Man 3 and potentially meet the guardians, so maybe we’ll get to see him this summer instead of waiting for next.


[via: badass digest]

Watch Disney Animated Short “Paperman”


Paperman is a Disney Animation short film that came out in theatres with Wreck It Ralph back in the fall. Now they’ve released it online for free, and here it is thanks to Disney Animation Studios:

What a great, sweet little film. The basic story is that a man meets a woman on his morning commute but they are separated before they can speak. He then notices her in the office across the street from his and spends the day trying to get her attention.

Trying to get the attention of the object of your affection is a situation that most of us have been in, but this is a pretty cute take. There’s no dialogue but everything is communicated gorgeously through body language and actions.

The mix of 2D and 3D animation techniques means that the whole things just flat out looks gorgeous too.

Paperman already won the Annie Award for best animated short and it’s nominated for an Oscar in the same category.

Awesome: Ouya to be Available at Retail in June for 99$ USD


Good news everyone! Ouya, the Kickstarter backed android powered hackers delight game console, is going to be sold at retail staring this June. So far the list includes Best Buy, Target, GameStop and Amazon. It’ll be 99$ and 49$ for an extra controller. The controller, in case you’re not aware, includes a touchpad in addition to analogue sticks, buttons and d-pad, which is pretty cool (although given the Android OS makes total sense).

Kickstarter backers and preorders will be fulfilled sooner (and preorders open up this week), so if you want to get one early there’s your chance.

There’s a lot to be said about the Ouya. Cheap and easy to mod and develop for, like I said above its a hackers delight. I think my favourite thing from the article is this quote though:

WSJ: What’s to stop other developers for using the controllers for other devices, like Apple TV?

UHRMAN: We are okay with that. One of the promises of being open is you can use what we build for other things. But you can create accessories and peripherals for our device as well. At the end of the day, it makes our ecosystem richer.

No matter what you think you gotta admit that’s a pretty refreshing outlook after dealing with companies like Microsoft and Sony and Apple.

[source: the Wall Street journal via polygon]

Awesome: “Star Citizen” Spaceships Are So, So Shiny

Hot damn. Ever since I read an article about specialist Lego spaceships on Kotaku, I’ve been increasingly drawn to fantastic spacecraft art. And now, also on Kotaku, is a collection of ship designs by Kemp Remillard for the upcoming Star Citizen – and they’re all fantastic. A few of the cutaways are already calling for the print-and-frame treatment:




Star Citizen is the latest game by Chris Roberts, designer of Wing Commander, a game that Matt rather likes. Hopefully the game will be as spectacular as the ships and the space trading simulation genre will get a much-needed shot in the arm.

Awesome: New G.I. Joe Cobra Special Forces Viral Campaign

Cobra Special Forces

A new G.I. Joe: Retaliation viral campaign has started and they want to recruit you to Cobra. Check out the video:

If you head to the recruiting website, there is a listing of events near you like Tough Mudders, Kid Rock Concerts, WWE Events, and all kinds of stuff where you can “see if you have what it takes”.

You gotta admit, it’s a pretty cool campaign. And I always wondered where the bad guys got their hordes of faceless soldiers to inevitably end up dying at the hands of the good guys.


Awesome: PS3 exclusive “The Last Of Us” sounds amazing

Eurogamer has published an extensive preview of The Last Of Us, the PS3 swansong by Uncharted makers Naughty Dog. It sounds like it’s got all the spit and polish of the adventure series, with an added element of survival horror, but without any of the linear hand-holding that dogged Drake’s Deception:

Having proven so adept at telling its own stories, The Last of Us feels like a Naughty Dog game that finally allows players to tell their own, offering a space in which there’s a palpable sense of terror and a broad set of possibilities. Late in the play-through, we get to craft one of our own. With one bullet left in the stock of Joel’s shotgun and a single freshly crafted molotov in his backpack, we’re presented with a room with three creepers and a single runner; a grisly puzzle that plays out with grim results. The shotgun shell’s used to kill the runner at the far end of the room, the Molotov used to disperse the two creepers standing side-by-side while the final creeper’s seen off with a flurry of desperate hand-to-hand blows.

After the slightly disappointing aftertaste left by the aforementioned Uncharted 3, this has the potential to be one of the games that defines this generation, coming right before the PS3 becomes superseded. I love a good third-person adventure game, so this has me very, very excited.

Awesome: Directors Guild of America Awards Winners Announced


With all this hoopla about the Super Bowl I forgot to talk about the Directors Guild Awards. The big winner this year is Argo director Ben Affleck. So far he and his film have locked up Best Picture and Director at the Golden Globes, Best Ensemble at the SAG Awards, Best Picture at the Producers Guild Awards. So yeah, the Oscar is pretty much Argo’s to lose at this point but bear in mind that while the film itself is up for Best Picture at the Oscars Affleck isn’t up for Best Director.

Rian Johnson, that of Looper (one of our favourite films here at the Awesome Friday HQ) also won an award in the dramatic series category for directing an episode of Breaking Bad. Which is kind of awesome. It’s the second time he’s directed an episode of Breaking Bad and only the second time he has directed something he didn’t write. I just hope he makes another film soon so he can win for that.

Also severely awesome, Lena Dunham won for directing the pilot episode of her fantastic series Girls. We haven’t talked about Girls much around here but we really should. It’s a great series, and one that feels both raw and honest about being young, living in the city, and figuring your shit out. Lena Dunham is the creator and head writer and producer and she’s well deserving of all the accolades she keeps receiving for it.

You can check out the full list of winners at the DGA Website.