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Episode 66: Lightyear & Prey Awesome Friday Podcast

Greetings, programs, and welcome to another episode of the Awesome Friday Podcast. This week we're talking about two new Disney releases: First, the latest Pixar Studios animated feature, Lightyear, followed by Prey director Dan Trachtenberg's prequel to the 1980s action horror classic Predator. Be sure to visit this episode's homepage for JustWatch powered streaming links for each title, plus all of our other content!Join us!SUPPORT:         We want to say thanks for listening to all our listeners, new and old; we appreciate every one of you. If you like what you hear, please consider giving us a like, review, and subscribe on your podcasting platform of choice, and if you can spare a few bucks, you could support us via Patreon or Ko-Fi.    Patreon     Ko-Fi CONNECT WITH US:        Matthew on Twitter: @SmatthewAF    Simon on Twitter: @TemporaryPen  Home:  Awesome Friday on Twitter: @AwesomeFridayCa    Awesome Friday on Facebook: Awesome Friday  Awesome Friday on Instagram: @AwesomeFridayCa  AwesomeFriday on YouTube: Awesome Friday  Email Awesome Friday: Contact Us  SHOW LINKS: Awesome Friday on Apple Podcasts Awesome Friday on Amazon Music Awesome Friday on Deezer Awesome Friday on Goodpods Awesome Friday on Google Podcasts Awesome Friday on iHeartRadio Awesome Friday on Overcast Awesome Friday on Spotify Awesome Friday on Stitcher Meanwhile, relax and enjoy your flight. 
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