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Episode 147: The People's Joker & Abigail Awesome Friday Podcast

Greetings programs!  This week on the show we're discussing The People's Joker, chaotic but important coming of age story that remixes the Batman milieu into something singularly personal, and also utterly universal, by Vera Drew.  Next we tackle the locked-house horror thriller Abigail.  Join us! BONUS CONTENT:     This week our Patreon supporters can join us for a conversation about what makes movies that are so bad they're good, and then our most anticipated movies of the year of our Swift 2024.  This conversation is available to all patrons, and patronage starts at just $2 CAD per month.      Link:             Patreon    Ko-Fi LINKS:            – Find out where you can see The People's Joker: Dan Ackroyd Unplugged on UFOs: HOMEPAGE:   Visit this episode's homepage to find JustWatch-powered links to where you can stream, rent, or buy each of these films.  These links update as availability changes wherever you are in the world, so check back often. If you use these links, you also help us keep the lights on at Awesome Friday HQ. Link: WITH US:        Awesome Friday:        Matthew: Simon: SHOW LINKS: Apple: Spotify: Amazon: Deezer: Goodpods: IHeartRadio: Overcast: Meanwhile, relax and enjoy your flight. 
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