CFF Interview: Shawn Doyle on his film Ashgrove (and also Star Trek: Discovery)

Salutations applications, and welcome to an Awesome Friday Interview with actor Shawn Doyle! A native of Newfoundland, Shawn has been working steadily in film and television since the early 1990s, and in just the last few years has racked up an impressive filmography that includes recurring appearances in The Expanse, Hannibal, Cardinal (for which he won a Canadian Screen Award last year) and most recently Star Trek: Discovery.

This year he has two films in the Canadian Film Festival, Ashgrove and The Last Mark. It’s the former of these two that we sat down to talk about, and it was a genuine pleasure. And yes, because I am huge nerd, I also asked a few questions about his time on Star Trek Discovery.

There are streaming links for the movie on this page, and the episode is live wherever you listen to podcasts (including an embedded player also on this page). Join us!


The Last Mark

Star Trek: Discovery

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