Canadian Film Fest Interview: Katie Boland on her film ‘We’re All In This Together’

Greetings programs! Katie Boland is a Canadian actor, writer, director, and producer. She is probably best known for her television appearances and the web series she created, Long Story Short. However, this year, Katie made her feature film directorial debut with We’re All In This Together, a story about a dysfunctional family brought together by absurd events. Not only is she the film’s director, though, but she also adapted it from the best selling book, produced it, and starred in it as estranged twins.

A few weeks ago, Katie and I sat down after the Whistler Film Festival –where the film premiered– to talk about the film, which is now playing as part of the Canadian Film Festival.

There are streaming links for the movie on this page, and the episode is live wherever you listen to podcasts (including an embedded player also on this page). Join us!

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