‘Fatman’ is a real movie that is really happening this holiday season

Have you ever watched Scrooged and thought “you know, I’d really like to see The Night the Reindeer Died in real life? I mean, I can’t be the only one.

Anyway, here is the trailer for an upcoming movie called Fatman, which is a real movie and is really happening.

In summary: Mel Gibson is a washed up, bitter, angry Santa Claus who leaves a lump of a coal for a spoiled rich kid, who then hires Walton Goggins to kill Santa. Also, the US Military is working with Santa on … something.

So this is completely ridiculous. I am not fully on board with the rehabilitation of Mel Gibson’s image, but if you’re going to cast a cranky old man as Santa Claus he seems like a good fit. Walton Goggins is always a win, and he looks like he’s having a great time as usual, and Marianne Jean-Baptiste is a welcome addition to any film as well.

What I m really on board with though is that the trailer seems to understand the inherent ridiculousness of the premise, but playing it completely straight. that’s a fine line to walk (and finding out that Danny McBride and David Gordon Green are producers of this helps that make sense) and I really hope it carries over from the trailer to the film itself.

Fatman is scheduled for a release in select theatres on November 13th and on-demand just four days later on November 17th. I will almost certainly be covering it.