‘Dune’ Delayed to fall 2021

COVID strikes again. Why is anything still scheduled for this year?

Collider broke the news that Dune has been delayed until October 1, 2021, a move that feels like it was pretty inevitable at this point.

After Tenet failed to do the business that Warner Bros. needed and wanted it to and Mulan didn’t do the business with its premium-priced Disney+ release that Disney needed and wanted it to, it feels like the rest of the tentpoles from this year are falling like dominoes.

At this point, Wonder Woman 1984, Pixar’s latest Soul, and the Vancouver Local Ryan Reynolds led Free Guy are all still on the schedule but honestly, how long until they go too? No Time To Die has already moved to next spring, after all.

My best: not long.

If you want to get your Dune fix, for now, you can check out both the trailer and the deep dive into the trailer I recently posted. Rest assured that there will be a renewed marketing campaign mid next year.