‘Wonder Woman ’84’ and ‘Candyman’ Release Dates Delayed

The plague just claimed two more. Wonder Woman ’84 and Candyman have both been delayed from their October release dates to Christmas and next year, respectively.

Wonder Woman ’84 has been delayed to Christmas Day and Candyman into 2021, with a release date to be named later, both according to Variety.

There is a lot of talk from the studios about how excited they are for the movies and how they stand behind their filmmakers and so on but it’s hard not to assume that everyone is looking at the recent release of Christopher Nolan’s Tenet, which brought in no more than $20 million –one of the lowest openings for a Nolan film, especially one hyped– and thought “maybe we should wait until people can actually leave their homes.”

Sure, art is great and all, but the studios don’t want to have a streak of films with $200 million budgets bringing in $20 million, that’s not really tenable.

There are still a number of films scheduled for this fall, including No Time To Die and Black Widow. I wonder how long until Sony, Marvel, and the rest of the studios blink.

There is a plague going on after all.