‘The Wolf of Snow Hollow’ trailer: Jim Cummings brings his unique energy to a werewolf movie

Jim Cummings is a writer with a unique and specific energy. Now he’s applied that energy to a story of a werewolf attacking a small town with an alcoholic police officer leading the charge.

Let’s take a look!

I’m slightly worried that the trailer might be giving away a bit too much about what’s going on in this movie; there are a ton of clues if you look closely. However after Thunder Road, Jim Cummings 2018 feature that he also wrote and starred in –and a fun supporting turn in this years The Block Island Sound I am willing to give this next film a go.

Additionally, this is the last film appearance of the late great Robert Forster who passed away just shy of one year ago. Forster is always a welcome presence in any project he’s involved in, and I hope this last one is a good one.

What do you think? Does this look fun to you? Are you looking forward to Forster and Cummings fighting back against werewolves?

The Wolf of Snow Hollow will be available on demand in on October 9th.