‘No Time To Die’ Trailer: The Past Isn’t Dead

Daniel Craig is back for his last turn as the most famous spy on the planet. Let’s get right to it because this trailer is dope.

Well holy shit, this trailer is engaging in all the right ways. Full of action and highlighting the gorgeous cinematography, good looks at all our major players, and a pretty great arrangement of Bond music.

While everything looks good, I’m just going to point out how great the action looks here. Shot wide so we can see what’s happening, with lots of dynamic camera movement to keep us in the scene, and impressive looking moments (like both times that bond dodges a car).

I am very excited about this movie. It is now scheduled for a November 20th release in theatres here in North America[1] and –I am not going to lie here– it’s going to be a lot harder to resist going to the theatres if the Coronavirus pandemic is still raging. Much harder than it has been for current releases like Tenet.

[1]: November 12th in the UK