Heads up: Fantasia Festival 2020 is coming!

Let’s face it: big crowds of people all in one place aren’t going to be a good idea for a while. The coronavirus has changed the way we go to the movies and it has changed the way we go to festivals.

One bright spot, if there is one at all, is that festivals going online means that they’re easier to attend. Case in point, this year I’ll be covering Fantasia Festival, Montreal’s annual festival of genre films.

There are a ton of great films on the program this year, and I am excited to start watching. There will also be some cool special events. John Carpenter will be given a lifetime achievement award, for example, and Mike Flannigan (writer-director of Doctor Sleep, and Netflix The Haunting of Hill House) giving a talk on adapting books to screen.

There’s a lot to look forward to, and with the entire festival being online this year it will be available to people across Canada.

2020 Fantasia Coverage Banner

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Look for coverage to begin at the start of the festival, on August 20th.