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Life is busy folks so I am running way behind. Here’s a smattering of the news from the past 10 days and I promise to do my best to keep on schedule.

Emmy winner Jessica Gao hired to write Marvel’s She-Hulk show, ‘Umbrella Academy’ showrunner Jeremy Slater hired for ‘Moon Knight’

Disney+, and while I have mixed feelings about that the good news is that they seem to be hiring good people still

Jeremy Slater, who developed and wrote Netflix adaptation of The Umbrella Academy has been hired for Moon Knight and Jessica Gao, who won an Emmy for writing the ‘Pickle Rick’ episode of Rick and Morty has been hired for She-Hulk.

I think these are both good choices, even if I wasn’t actually that hot on Umbrella Academy, I liked a lot of the choices they made. Gao has writing credits on Silicon Valley among others, so I kind of hope that She-HUlk turns out to be a comedy drama about a single female lawyer who also happens to be the hulk.

No seriously, that’s what I want from this show.

(sources: The Hollywood Reporter, The Hollywood Reporter)

Ms. Marvel, She-Hulk, and Moon Knight will all cross over to the MCU Films

Speaking of Marvel’s upcoming Disney+ series, at least three off the new characters will cross over to the MCU films after debuting on TV. Ms Marvel, She-Hulk, and Moon Knight will all make the jump according to Kevin Feige.

This makes sense as the Disney+ series are all made by Marvel Studios and not Marvel TV, so they’re all one big happy family now instead of the tv serious being like cousins that no one ever wants to talk to like they have been so far.

We already knew that Wandavision, the series about Scarlett Witch and Vision will play directly into the next Doctort Strange film, and the Hawkeye series will feature Jeremy REnner reprising his role as Clint Barton. This is all really cool from a nerdy "I love comics" point of view and annoying as hell from a "Disney owns everything and I, for one, welcome our new mouse eared corporate overlords" point of view.

(source: The Hollywood Reporter](

Christian Bale says he’s done dramatically changing his body weight for roles, which is a good thing.

Christian Bale is somewhat known for the extreme changes that he has put his body through for roles. Following The Machinist (which he slimmed down to just 65 pounds) he bulked to to Batman weight to play Batman. He also put on a significant amount of weight for American Hustle and for Vice.

In an interview with CBS Sunday morning he has said he’s finally not going to do it anymore.

“I keep saying I’m done with it,” Bale tells CBS Sunday Morning. “I really think I’m done with it, yeah.”

Which is a good thing. Even with a nutritionist and a trainer involved, a body can only take so much of that. While I appreciate the want for verisimilitude, I am also a proponent of the idea that Christian Bale should live a long and happy life.

(source: CBS Sunday Morning via Indiewire)

The Disney+ version of Star Wars features more tweaks to the Han/Greedo scene, is now objectively the best version

Disney+ has launched and while there were technical glitches and unreliable servers all week the biggest and most important story from the launch is that the infamous Han Shot First scene has been tweaked again, not only for timing but also to make Greedo say "maclunkey!" as he’s being shot.

Rumour has it this change was made years ago by Lucas and we’re only just getting it now, which is some A+ trolling by Lucas if true, but let’s be honest: this version where Greedo yells some space gibberish as he’s diing is the best version of the movie and we can stop messing with it now.

Also neat, the original 20th Century Fox fanfare has been restored to the original trilogy, which is a detail I adore.

(source: Star Wars Visual Comparison on Twitter)

That company that is going too resurrect James Dean digitally wants to resurrect lots of other legends, too.

WorldWide XR is the name of the company that wants to license the likeness of all your favourite deceased actors and then puppet them around new movies like that’s a totally normal thing.

This is, obviously, in terrible taste at the very least but also seems to be par for the course as we descend into a new layer of entertainment hell powered by corporate greed and ridiculous licensing agreements.

Aside from the whole "puppeteering a dead guy" part of this, there are tons of working actors out there who are available for all these gigs. Now they have to compete with digital recreations as well? Ugh. Also, what made James Dean James Dean wasn’t just his face, it was everything about him and I sincerely do not believe that this company (or any company) can reproduce anything other than a soulless husk.

There are so many levels this story brothers me on that it’s not even funny.

(source: Variety)

Parasite is the top grossing foreign film of the year

Bong Joon-ho’s scathing social critique, which I have seen but not written about yet (spoiler alert: it is legitimately great) is now the highest grossing foreign film in North America. This is great news, and will hopefully bolster the film’s chances at all the awards shows.

(source: Variety)

Damien Chazelle’s next film to be 1920s period drama

Starring Emma Stone and Brad Pitt and centred around the transition in Hollywood from silent pictures to talkies. Remember that the first talkie was The Jazz Singer and suddenly you have a Damien Chazelle film going on. The deal is still in the works but after Whiplash, La La Land, and First Man_ how can you not be excited just knowing that he’s working on something new?

(source: The Hollywood Reporter)

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