Trailer Roundup, TV Edition: Star Trek, Star Trek, Snowpiercer, and also Star Trek

The plan is to post about trailers once a week but there are​ so many dang trailers I had to separate them somehow. So here are some TV trailers from this week, including three for Star Trek and one for Snowpiercer. Also, Stranger Things, Mrs. Fletcher, War of the Worlds, and His Dark Materials.

Mrs. Fletcher

Kathryn Hahn starring? Check. Tom Perotta written? Check. HBO produced? Check. This looks like it might be a winner.

HBO presents Mrs. Fletcher, a dual coming-of-age comedy, exploring the impact of internet porn and social media on the lives of empty nest divorcée Eve Fletcher (Hahn) and her college freshman son Brendan (Jackson White). The series follows Eve as she reinvents her life to find the happiness and sexual fulfillment that’s eluded her in the past

Mrs. Fletcher doesn’t 100% look like the kind of thing I’d be into but given the talent involved I’ll almost certainly be tuning in on 27th October.

Stranger Things Season 4 Teaser

You know a fourth season of Stranger Things seems like a no brainer but Netflix has a habit not continuing with series even when they’re doing well.

This teaser for season four doesn’t show much but it does show that the upside down will be a big deal again. The tagline is _"We’re not in Hawkins anymore" but that could also mean Russia.

No firm release date yet but we can expect Stranger Things Season 4 in 2020.

The War of the Worlds

I’ve always liked The War of the Worlds and I kind of love the idea of a new adaptation actually set in the era in which it was written. Safe Spall and Robert Carlyle are both always a win and the effects look great.

This has apparently already started airing in Canada on T+E and will mostly likely be debuting on BBC later this year.

His Dark Materials

I adore the His Dark Materials books and as a result have been pretty dubious about whether a show can work, but this trailer has put me over. One of my main sticking points has been Lin-Manuel Miranda, whom I love, cast as Lee Scoresby. Miranda is great but I always pictured Scoresby as older. You know what though? This is fine. I’m fine with it. I just desperately hope this is as good as it looks like it might be.

We’ll find out on 4th November.

Star Trek: Discovery, Season 3 Teaser

The end of Star Trek: Discovery season 2 has opened up all kinds of storytelling possibilities for season three and I am very excited to see where they go with it. This trailer only has brief glimpses of what might happen but I like the tone. I just wish we had a premiere date.

Star Trek: Picard Trailer

Speaking of Star Trek, it looks like 2020 is going to be a banner year. Star Trek: Picard is going to be a ten episode adventure and feature, if this trailer is any indication, basically all of the fan service and nostalgia. I’m especially excited to see Seven of Nine and Hugh again, personally.

Is it 23rd January yet?

Star Trek: Short Treks | The Trouble with Edward

What’s that? More Star Trek? You’re goddamned right more Star Trek. The second season of Short Treks has actually already started, this trailer is for the second episode which airs tomorrow (10th October).

Of all the Trek we’re in for in the next few years the Short Treks are maybe my favourite? At 15 minutes (ish) each they allow for all kinds of storytelling that you wouldn’t necessarily see in Trek, and also to flesh out some ideas and characters from the series that would just gum up the series proper with exposition. I really like them.

There are 6 Short Treks in this new series and I hope they keep doing them forever. The first has already aired and the second is tomorrow. Episode 3 follows on 14th November, 4 and 5 on 12th December, and 6 (which will precede Picard on 9th January.

Snowpiercer Teaser

Oh hey, they made a series out of one my favourite movies of the last decade. This promo looks to be the animated intro sequence from the show, or maybe just a prologue. Either way I’m into it. The series will debut in the spring and stars Jennifer Connelly and David Diggs, which should be enough info to get anyone excited.

The End

So there you have it. A few shows to get excited about. Which one are you most looking forward to?

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