Poster Gallery: An Ice Queen, A King’s Man, A Laundry Service, A Clown, A Whodunnit, and a whole mess of survivors

So many new movie posters! There’s a new Disney Animated film, a new prequel in a fun franchise, a whole slew of character posters for a zombie movie, and a great poster for an upcoming war movie. Can you dig it? Let’s dive right in.

Frozen 2

Given how creative and fun Frozen was and Frozen II looks like it might be, it’s a little disappointing how bog-standard this "everyone in a cluster over a wider scene at the bottom" this poster is. I suppose it’s nice that they’re clearly rendered CG characters though, so it doesn’t look as awkwardly photoshopped as some do.

The King’s Man

The Kingsman franchise either had totally boring posters but pretty memorable teaser posters. The one on the left is a good example of the former, the one on the right a great example of the latter.

I seriously hope we get a whole Ralph Fiennes kicking-ass-in-period-wear series of these.

Knives Out

Just to hammer home how stacked the cast for Knives Out is, here’s a poster with all of them together.


Joker posters have been mostly fine, but these two are both pretty great. The right hand double faced one is particularly creepy and artistic and I kind of love it.

The Laundromat

Stephen Soderbergh has a new movie coming out and it will be on Netflix (just like his last one). This poster is fine but that news is great, you should all mark your calendars on 18th October.


I’m actually pretty excited about Midway, despite everything telling me maybe I shouldn’t be. This standard "everyone in a cluster" is slightly updated with the cluster at the side and the rest of the poster being an big, open scene, which I like.

Zombieland: Double Tap

Zombieland was a fun and funny movie and I really hope that Double Tap is too. Director Reuben Fleischer’s output has been a little hit-or-miss since then but getting the whole band back together feels like a decent idea and while the "put the characters up against their doppelgängers" thing could go sideways, the casting is pretty great so I’m optimistic.


Last but not least this week is this striking new poster for 1917, Sam Mendes and Krysty Wilson-Cairns’ upcoming new entry in the Great Britain During World Wars Cinematic Universe. This poster is great, both visually arresting and memorable.

The End

That’s all we have for you this week. Not a great week really but it really finished strong with that 1917 poster.

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