The new ‘Robin Hood’ trailer looks… fun, actually?

There’s a new Robin Hood movie coming and so help me god it looks fun. Like, actually fun. Let’s take a look!

There’s a lot to be worried about when someone decides to do a new take on a classic character. Sometimes you get greatness, but other times you get _King Arthur: Legend of the Sword_. I can’t say for sure that this movie will be good, but I can say that it actually looks fun. Taron Egerton has the charisma for a part like this, Jamie Foxx brings the acting chops and also charisma, Ben Mendelsohn brings his particular brand of villainy and charisma, and looks what I am trying to say is that if you fill the last of a movie with charismatic people I will probably want to see it. Jamie Dornan, Eve Hewson, and Tim Minchin (of _50 Shades of Grey_, _The Knick_, and “being hilarious” respectively) round out the cast.

So yeah. I’m into it. Everyone looks like they’re having fun and the action looks brightly lit and fun. Maybe it’s just the relief that they’re not doing a super serious gritty reboot that’s making me like this. Remember when we could have movies that were just fun? That didn’t aspire to be deconstruction of the character or so dark and full of pathos to make us think deeply about the measure of a man and the grey areas between good and evil and holy shit, seriously, I just want the movies to be fun and this looks fun. Let’s just have fun movies again guys

In related news, there’s a whole series of character posters for you.

**Robin Hood** is directed by _Black Mirror_ director Otto Bathurst and will be in theatres November 21st.