The new ‘Predator’ poster is many-skulled. Skullfull.

Did you know there’s a new Predator movie coming soon? There’s a new Predator movie coming soon! Written and directed by Shane Black! If that’s you’re thing (and it should be) then it’s time to get excited! Today and Comic Con they released a shiny new poster.

So here it is in all its skull-laden glory:

Pretty cool if you ask me. Or at the very least it’s an improvement over the last one, and I liked the last one! Here’s the last one for comparison:

There’s no telling with these things but for me anything Shane Black does gets a free pass to hype town. This one seems to have all the usual Shane Black trappings too, right down to the precocious child and father issues. **The Predator** hits theatres September 14th. Here’s the trailer again if you missed it.