Awesome: Billy Dee Williams will reprise the role of Lando Calrissian in ‘Star Wars Episode IX’

You read it here twelfth folks, the man with the best capes in the galaxy is coming back to **Star Wars**.

Billy Dee Williams is returning to the franchise after a 36 year absence, he hasn’t been seen since **The Return of the Jedi**. Rumours have been flying around since, well, probably since Disney bought LucasFilm but heated up recently when Williams had to cancel on a SciFi convention due to scheduling conflicts.

Let me put on my captain obvious hat for a moment and point out that Lando is a very popular character in the canon, having debuted in **The Empire Strikes Back** in 1980 and appeared in this years **Solo: A Star Wars Story**, and the hit animated series **Star Wars Rebels**. Williams returning to the role feels like something that was probably always going to happen, but also with the in universe death of Han Solo and the real life passing of Carrie Fisher perhaps makes more sense than ever. Calrissian was originally conceived at least in part because it was uncertain if Harrison Ford would return as Han Solo, now that Solo and Leia are gone Calrissian may be the one to offer some condolences and support to Rey. Maybe at the behest of a force ghost Luke. Or something, I dunno. I have no idea what will happen.

In any event, **Star Wars Episode IX** is being directed by JJ Abrams and is due out December 2019.

(source: [The Hollywood Reporter](