‘Okja’ Trailer + Posters: A girl and her giant mutant pig

A story about a girl and her giant pig friend from the director of Snowpiercer. Where do I sign?

It appears that Okja is a mashup of the kind of movie where a young person meets and befriends a mythical creature, the creature is then abducted by a shadowy organization, and then there’s a daring rescue, and the kind of movie where a large conspiracy is unravelled. I’m on board for this. To be honest though, I’d be on board for almost anything that Bong Joon-Ho decides to do at this point, and whatever the hell Jake Gyllenhaal and Tilda Swinton are up to in this looks pretty great to me too.

Okja premiered at Cannes and didn’t win anything unless you count the entire internet since it was announced that Netflix films wouldn’t be considered for awards and the internet didn’t like that.

Either way, Okja lands on Netflix on the 28th. Here are character posters for the entire cast of thousands.