The First Trailer for Star Trek: Discovery is here

The latest TV series in my favourite franchise is coming later this year and there is finally a trailer for us to feast upon with our eyeballs. Feast our eyeballs upon. Man, that’s a weird phrase. Anyway, let’s take a look at the **Star Trek: Discovery** trailer.

Ooooooook there’s a lot to unpack here and I have only watched this about a half-dozen times so far but my first impression is that it’s…… not very good. I dunno people, I love **Star Trek** but this trailer plays like a fan film to me. The dialogue is weird, none of it flows, and I can’t quite tell if it looks like they spent all the money on this thing or none of the money at all.

Plus, the aesthetic is weird to me. It looks like a pretty clear evolution from stuff we’ve seen before rather than an evolution _to_ it. There’s also so much lens flare in one scene that I can only barely make out the actors in it (weird, since I thought they were distancing themselves from the JJ Abrams movies?).

Also I really don’t quite to know about this new design for the Klingons, which appears to be some kind of space orc:

Also also here is the new poster for the series, complete with the Space logo since the show will be airing on Space in Canada. It’s exclusive to CBS All Access in the US and Netflix everywhere else.

Ok, the poster is pretty cool.

I want nothing more than to love this but as of right now I’m actually kind of worried about it. This trailer really doesn’t work for me so I am going to watch it a few dozen more times to make sure. What do you guys think?