Huh: Tom Hardy to star in ‘Venom’ for ‘Zombieland’ director Ruben Fleischer

Spider-Man is now in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, so naturally Sony is plowing ahead with the rights they have for related characters.

In that vein, they just announced that Tom Hardy will be starring in **Venom**, a movie based around the popular Spider villain, and Ruben Fleischer is directing it.

I literally don’t know how to process this. On the one hand, Tom Hardy is a great actor (and apparently a fan of the character) and Ruben Fleischer directed a movie that I really like, but I also don’t know how they are going to do a Venom movie without Spider-Man.

**Venom** is set for an October 2018 release. I guess we’ll find out then.

(source: [Variety](