Awesome: Star Trek: Legacy mashes up ‘Star Trek: The Motion Picture’ with the score from ‘Tron: Legacy’

This is super nerdy in so many ways and I dig it.

Star Trek: Legacy from Patrick Collins on Vimeo.

Regardless of how you feel about **Star Trek: The Motion Picture** and **Tron: Legacy**, there’s something awesome about this mashup of the two. **The Motion Picture** is a long movie, and seeing it stripped down to a few core scenes is interesting. **Tron: Legacy** maybe lacked some energy but the Daft Punk score is a gorgeous one. Together, they make something new and interesting. Sure, the movie is stripped down to the point where it’s almost nonsensical, but the basics are all there. It’s amazing how much of the story you get consider it’s 22 minutes of a movie that runs 145 minutes!

What do you guys think?