This Weekend: Fan Expo Vancouver 2015

Hello! It’s that time again^. Got some time to kill this weekend? Come along to Vancouver Convention Centre and spend three days in a sweaty Aladdin’s cave of wonders. Fan Expo is a chance for fans of games, movies, TV, comics and anime to come together and appreciate^^ the awesome cosplay on display.

Mark and I^^^ will be there for all three days soaking in the goodness and making sure to keep you updated. We’ll feature the best of Mark’s outstanding photos over the next few days, and I’ll be tweeting^^^^ everything as it happens from the Awesome Friday Twitter account ([@AwesomeFridayCa](

See you there!

^in which celebrities will pretend to be happy to meet you for cold, hard cash

^^stare awkwardly at

^^^and my son, today. He’ll de dressed as *Transformers Prime* Bumblebee. It’s actually the best of the modern designs. Much more insect-like than the awful Michael Bay interpretation.

^^^^it’s a verb now. Don’t get me started.