New ‘Fantastic Four’ Trailer + Poster: Looks WAY More Promising Than Expected

Fantastic Four

There’s finally been a bunch of news about the upcoming Fantastic Four movie and it’s been hard to tell whether it’s going to be good or bad. This trailer finally makes it look like it might be ok at least. Let’s watch!

Finally a look at how the characters know and interact with each other. It looks like the basics of the plot are completely spoiled if you know what to look for (or maybe even if you don’t) but that’s sort of ok, there’s not that much difference in super hero origin stories anyway.

I can’t say that I’m that invested in the Fantastic Four regardless, but this film does have a cast I like going for it and a director who’s done good work. It’s been weird how little info has come out (usually that’s a bad sign) but this might actually be good! I hope it is!

_Fantastic Four_ comes out in August; Here’s the poster I didn’t blog while I was resting.

Fantastic Four