Activision Uses Captain America To Sell Call Of Duty To The Chinese

*Call Of Duty Online* is a free-to-play China-exclusive version of the mega franchise trailored specifically for its first (official) foray into their new, recently legalised, videogame market. Here’s the trailer – see if you can spot anyone familiar:

It’s actually a really fun trailer and shows off some parts of the new title (programmed by Raven Software, who were also responsible for 2010’s *Call Of Duty: Ghosts*). Aside from the microtransactions prevalent in any free-to-play game, there’s single player missions, online squads, and a Cyborgs mode replacing Zombies to neatly sidestep strict Chinese laws about depicting the dead. The *CoD* formula has always been style over substance, so a flat-out online only mode seems to be the next logical directoon. It will be interesting to see if its success changes the approach to *CoD* in the Western world.

Meanwhile, Chris Evans was last seen doing the backstroke in a swimming pool filled with freshed printed bills and is therefore unavailable for comment.


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