The Next James Bond Movie Is SPECTRE


Earlier this morning, director Sam Mendes pulled the sheet off the latest entry in the James Bond franchise – Spectre – and the Internet exploded in a flurry of Sean Connery  jokes. Daniel Craig is back as the titular agent and the rest of the revealed cast is a great collection of beauty and danger.


The film’s title confirms the rumours that Bond will once again be tussling with the nefarious SPECTRE (which, of course, stands for Special Executive for Counter-intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge, and Extortion because evil groups like to have evilness as their mission statement), but what of its leader Ernst Stavro Blofeld?

Well, (the absolutely fantastic) Christoph Waltz’s character is officially listed as “Oberhauser”, but let’s face it, he’s Blofeld. Let’s hope the eventually reveal isn’t as weak as the damp squib that was Khan:

Naomi Harris, Rory Kinnear, Ben Whishaw, and Ralph Fiennes all return in their respective Skyfall roles (and Fiennes was wonderful as M, so more of him please). New cast members include:

Andrew Scott as Whitehall worker Denbigh (and, after his spectacular turn as Moriarty in Sherlock, a great addition to the cast):

Dave Bautista as possible evil henchman Mr. Hinx (and nothing would go over his head, his reflexes are too fast):

Monica Bellucci as Lucia Sciarra (and she would make such a perfect Bond femme fatale I can’t believe she hasn’t been in an earlier entry):

Léa Seydoux (who you may remember from her fantastic performance in Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds alongside Christoph Waltz) as Madeleine Swann, apparently another femme fatale (because Bond):

…and the car is the Aston Martin DB10, which has the real danger of being the sexiest thing on screen:


So, great Bond, great director, great cast. I absolutely loved *Skyfall* so I have my hopes raised very, very high for *Spectre*. If you have a spare *four hours*, here’s a recording of the reveal from Pinewood with all the cast in tow:

*James Bond: Spectre* releases on 6th November 2015.

Just a reminder – 2015 brings a new *James Bond, Star Wars, Jurassic Park*, and *Terminator*. And *Pitch Perfect*. Yep.

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