Star Trek 3 Will Be Directed By Justin Lin

Justin Lin

A while back Roberto Orci was removed from the directors chair of Star Trek 3. This is a good thing. He’s not a great writer (or even a good one) but he keeps getting jobs with popular franchises and as a result keeps getting hired. Star Trek 3 would have been his directorial début as well and while I’m sure he had a vision? At the end of the day you don’t just hand the reins to a franchise like Star Trek to a first timer.

So he was removed and today it was announced that Justin Lin, he of the Fast and Furious Franchise, has been hired to replace him. I’m going to tentatively say this is a good move. Lin is a good director of action and of large ensembles. His films are fun and engaging and heartfelt. I don’t know that he’s a perfect fit but I think he’s a better fit that Orci. I just hope that they get back to exploring the galaxy as well as our own morality rather than the “holy shit look at that explosion!” style we’ve gotten lately.

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