Hot Tub Time Machine 2 Trailer + Poster: Time For Another Dip

Hot Tub Time Machine 2

_Hot Tub Time Machine_ was a funny movie. I really hope that _Hot Tub Time Machine 2_ is too. This trailer is amusing, but the original was only funny because of how vulgar it was, and a green band trailer can’t be vulgar soooooooo…… lets watch.

Ok this does look amusing but it also looks like they give away a lot of the funny bits of the movie. Almost certainly the final gag of the movie, and at least part of a big montage of time travel gags. That’s kind of annoying to say the least.

_Hot Tub Time Machine 2_ is out 20th February so we have some time before we find out how much of the movie this trailer gives away.

Heres a shiny new poster for you:

Hot Tub Time Machine 2