Awesome: DC Superheroes In The Style Of Saturday Evening Post Covers

SEP Wonder Woman Banner

Artist Juan Carlos Ruiz Burgos has taken some classic DC Comics characters and re-imagined them (on his deviantART page) as Saturday Evening Post cover stars in a tribute to Post artists Norman Rockwell and J.C. Leyendecker.

And they’re amazing.

Here they are in their full glory (you may want to skip past Poison Ivy if you don’t want anyone to see you break into a cold sweat):

SEP Wonder Woman

SEP Zatanna

SEP Poison Ivy

SEP Joker and Harley

SEP Clark Kent

SEP Catwoman

Amazing stuff. Once again, head over to his deviantART page and gorge on the goodness, and maybe drop some cash on a few prints. Wonder Woman for me, I think.


Via io9