Jurassic World Trailer – If Something Chases You…Run


After the tantalising glimpse of the new *Jurassic Park* movie from earlier this week, the first full trailer is now here and gives us a very tasty idea of what’s coming in *Jurassic World*. Let’s watch!

You can see the mix that director Colin Trevorrow is going for – a little Spielberg (obviously), a dash of *Predator*, a larger dash of *Alien*, female protagonist fighting in a vest, male hotshot…with squad of trained velociraptors. It won’t have the subtly of Spielburg’s first entry, but that’s probably for the best – this park’s weakness comes from familiarity and complacency, and that suits the mood of the audience perfectly. It looks like great fun, and Chris Pratt is always good value, so I’m really looking forward to revisiting the park.

*Jurassic World* is set for release on June 12th 2015.