‘Chappie’ Trailer: A Child Who Happens To Be A Robot


Neill Blomkamps next film is about a child that happens to be a robot who, as a possible next stage in AI evolution, scares the crap out of people.

Sure, I’m down for that. Lets take a look.

Is it just me or is there absolutely nothing here that I haven’t seen before? Don’t get me wrong it _looks_ amazing. Sharlto Copley doing motion capture as Chappie himself looks incredible. Dev Patel looks like he’s bringing his A-game. Chappie under fire looks great. Hugh Jackman has a glorious mullet. But it also kinda paraphrases the big line from that Cuba Gooding movie Radio. It kinda looks like “innocent being teaches us to be human” which is something that’s been done a lot.

Now normally I’d be thinking that’s cool, I want to see Neill Blomkamps version of that story, but that’s what I said about his last film and it brought nothing new to the story.

Maybe that’s his story. Visually impressive but delivering nothing terribly new. I sincerely hope that I’m proven wrong. I sincerely hope that this is just the marketing people cutting a trailer to hit as wide an audience as possible.

We’ll find out on 6th of March 2015.