Awesome: What ‘Star Trek: The Original Series’ Would Have Looked Like In Widescreen

Star Trek / Arena

Have you ever wondered what Star Trek would look like if it had been shot in the cinerama wide screen format that we know and love today? I have. And so had artist Nick Acosta, and he did something about it. Using scenes from the show and waiting for the camera to pan and then stitching the resulting images together he came up with these absolutely incredible images. Seriously. They’re amazing. Hit the jump for some of my favourites and more.

First up, take a look again at that top image from Arena. Look at the drama! And then look at everything going on in this shot from Amok Time.

Star Trek / Amok Time

And everyone’s favourite Orion Slave Girl from The Cage!

Star Trek / The Cage

Here’s a great shot from one of my personal favourite episodes, The Balance of Terror.

Star Trek / The Balance of Terror

Look how amazing this scene of Kirk and con man Harry Mudd! Just look at it!

Star Trek / I'm Mudd

And because everyone loves this episode here’s Kirk in a pile of Tribbles from The Trouble with Tribbles.

Star Trek / The Trouble With Tribbles

There are plenty more where these came from. Acosta has stitched together images from lots of great episodes and you can see them all on his website. I highly recommend you go take a look.