Awesome: What ‘Star Trek: The Original Series’ Would Have Looked Like In Widescreen

Star Trek / Arena

Have you ever wondered what _Star Trek_ would look like if it had been shot in the cinerama wide screen format that we know and love today? I have. And so had artist Nick Acosta, and he did something about it. Using scenes from the show and waiting for the camera to pan and _then_ stitching the resulting images together he came up with these _absolutely incredible_ images. Seriously. They’re amazing. Hit the jump for some of my favourites and more.

First up, take a look again at that top image from _Arena_. Look at the drama! And then look at everything going on in this shot from _Amok Time_.

Star Trek / Amok Time

And everyone’s favourite Orion Slave Girl from _The Cage_!

Star Trek / The Cage

Here’s a great shot from one of my personal favourite episodes, _The Balance of Terror_.

Star Trek / The Balance of Terror

Look how amazing this scene of Kirk and con man Harry Mudd! Just look at it!

Star Trek / I'm Mudd

And because everyone loves this episode here’s Kirk in a pile of Tribbles from _The Trouble with Tribbles_.

Star Trek / The Trouble With Tribbles

There are plenty more where these came from. Acosta has stitched together images from lots of great episodes and you can [see them all on his website]( I highly recommend you go take a look.