Weekend Playlist


A normal boring two-day weekend after last week’s Thanksgiving food onslaught but at least I learnt from AF’s resident Canadians (read: everyone but me) that, unlike the US day, it isn’t rooted in thievery and disease. Which is nice. Yay Canada!

We’re spoilt this week – take a look at our choices.


Book: Still working through The Bone Clocks by David Mitchell. Still loving it, and the prospect of Ancillary Sword being not too far on the horizon also gives me happy feet.

Music: Lots of game soundtracks flying around in my head at the moment – Dead Space, Mirror’s Edge, Nidhogg, Minecraft. All great stuff.

Game: My weekend is pretty rammed so I probably won’t escape the tempting trajectory of PS Vita Minecraft and Nidhogg. It’ll also be another weekend of trying to not splash out on Alien Isolation.

TV: Why do I still watch Doctor Who? I’m almost past the point of hope that it will recapture any of its former glory, but I’d watch Jenna Coleman play Clara for hours. She’s the star of the show for me now. Clara’s so much better written and acted this season, it’s a real pleasure.

Film: I snapped up the Alien Anthology – both versions of each film with tons of extras – for a frankly ridiculous price, so I’d love to start chipping away at those. Such great movies (well, until Alien Resurrection, anyway).


Book: The Bone Clocks by David Mitchell.

Film: Heading to see Fury (see: Best Job I Ever Had)

Music: I was just recommend You+Me by Rose Ave. so probably that.


Book: Acceptance – Jeff Vandermeer … I still haven’t cracked it. I got distracted reading a biography this week, and am about to give 90 minutes of my life to be won over by John Green’s An Abundance of Katherines before giving it up entirely.

Song: Tears of a Clown – Smokey Robinson

TV: Finally getting around to starting The Flash

Film: Under the Skin, Killing Them Softly & Draft Day