Watch This: A History Of Censorship In Film

Film Ratings

Another entry in CineFix’s _Film School’d_ series is all about the MPAA and the rating system. Unless you live under a rock you know the MPAA rating system is a joke (and Canada’s isn’t that much better) but it is the latest in a long history of trying to regulate film. So get comfy and check it out.

If you liked or were intrigued by this then you’d do well to check out the documentary _”This Film Is Not Yet Rated”_ which provides an far more in depth look at the MPAA and their practices. It’s kinda fascinating but also infuriating and well worth a watch.

Here’s their write up:

> Ever since we could show things on film, there have been people protesting that “You can’t show THAT on film!” The result is the long and complicated history of censorship (I’m sorry, “advisories”) in Hollywood.

> Is the X rating really just censorship in disguise? Why can movies show as much violence as they want and still merit an R, but not so much with the sex? We’ll take you back to the earliest days of cinema, and show you how ratings in Hollywood (and Hollywood’s home country, the U.S. of A.) got to the point they are today.

> What did you think? Did we make you think differently about what movies you see, what movies you’d let your kids see, or what you find offensive? We talked a lot about the ratings system in America – but what about other countries?