‘Stretch’ Red Band Trailer: This Looks Crazy In The Good Way (And You Can Buy/Rent It Today)!

Stretch / Ed Helms, Patrick Wilson

Joe Carnahan’s new film isn’t getting a theatrical release but there is a red band trailer now. And it’s really really red band. Violence and swearing and nudity and what I’m saying here is don’t watch it at work and don’t watch it without headphones.

What the fuck did I just watch. It looks balls to the wall crazy. I don’t know where that phrase came from but it seems appropriate. I find myself wondering why this didn’t get a theatrical release? Proven director and a bunch of good actors and a crazy looking film? What the hell?

I’m gonna hold off judgement until I get a chance to watch it (and I will) but if you want to watch it now you can because it’s out on iTunes and Amazon so here are some links for that.

I’ll be watching it this weekend when I’m back from the trip I’m on. Feel free to watch it ahead of me and tell me how it is.