PlayStation Plus and Xbox Games With Gold: October’s Free Games


It’s Free (with subscription) Games time again. Let’s see what goodies are being thrown at our feet this month.

PlayStation Plus

Spelunky (PS4, PS3, PS Vita)

*Spelunky* is a rock-hard platformer where every level is always different. Just check YouTube speedruns to see how involved people get in its mechanics. It’s never really clicked for me, but it could be the game you lose the rest of the year to.

Dust: An Elysian Tale (PS4)

I’ve never played this side-scrolling “Metroidvania”-style game but it has very good things said about it in certain circles. The art style in particular is gorgeous.

Batman: Arkham Asylum (PS3)

Yes, the main PS+ game this month is a five-year-old title and, yes, you can buy it very cheaply if you hunt around, but the fact remains that if you’ve never played *Asylum*, this could be the best month of PS+ ever for you. Removed form the restrictions of tying it into a movie, developersrs Rocksteady constructed a claustrophobic, brutal tale set in one, sprawling, deadly location. It’s modern Batman at his very, very best and still the best game in the series.

Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles Of Mystara (PS3)

A *Golden Age*-style 2D arcade brawler. I played a little bit of it last night as wasn’t too impressed, but it could be much better with a few friends (and beers).

Pix The Cat (PS Vita, PS4)

An extremely fun arcade maze runner. Tactical *Pac-Man* with shiny colors. And a cat. And ducks. The perfect little game to have nestled on your Vita for the odd five minute blast.

Rainbow Moon (PS Vita, PS3)

*Rainbow Moon* is an extremely well-received RPG that harks back to the days of exploration and beautifully-designed sprites. This type of game has always been a struggle for me, but there’s tons to get involved with here if it’s up your street.

DriveClub PlayStation Plus Edition (PS4)

This free version – reportedly held back to help the servers deal with not collapsing under the weight of people playing the paid game – is a sizable chunk of the new PS4 racing game that places a huge emphasis on social interaction. It should become available over the next few days.


Xbox Games With Gold

Chariot (Xbox One)

*Chariot*’s a brand new game by a Canadian developer where you – and a friend, if you have one – negotiate a wagon over platforms, defending it all the way from a multitude of nefarious enemies. Could be fun.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (Xbox 360)

The story in the first *Battlefield: Bad Company* is much, *much* better, but the online multiplayer modes of *BC2* is the only time I’ve ever thought that I could seriously get into online shooting. Huge battlegrounds with wonderful destructive physicals and rewards to both attack and support, it plays host to a variety of game styles while providing some serious Hollywood-style escapism. Great stuff while it lasts.

Darksiders II (Xbox 360)

*Darksiders* is a mix of *Zelda* exploration and *Diablo* loot chasing, all packed behind the veneer of a chunky third-person action game. It’s got some unique ideas in there so it’s definitely worth a try.

*Crimson Dragon is also still available on Xbox One [from last month.](*