Marvel Casting News Catchup: Scott Glenn in Daredevil; Dominic Cooper + James D’Arcy in Agent Carter


In the last while there’s been some great casting announcements from Marvel so here is me catching you up on those.


First up, Scott Glenn has [joined Marvel’s Daredevil Netflix series]( He’ll be playing Stick, who trains and mentors Matt Murdock as he becomes Daredevil. There’s very little known about how they are going to interpret the role (because Marvel has done a good job of picking and choosing how they bring their characters to screen) but casting Glenn, who is a great actor, lends all kinds of confidence to this project for me.


James D’Arcy, maybe best known from _Cloud Atlas_ or more recently from _Let’s Be Cops_ or less recently from _Master and Commander_, [has joined the cast of _Agent Carter_](

D’Arcy will be playing Howard Stark’s butler and friend. This is cooler than you think it is because Howard Stark’s butler is named Edwin Jarvis and is one of the inspirations behind J.A.R.V.I.S., Tony Starks AI butler in the Iron Man/Avengers films.

That’s pretty cool, and a great example of Marvel using their existing properties in new ways to make the Cinematic universe a more connected one.


And last but not least Marvel [finally officially announced Dominic Cooper will reprise his role as Howard Stark in _Agent Carter_](

This isn’t really a surprise but it’s nice that it’s finally official because I like Dominic Cooper and I like him as Howard Stark and although re-casting has worked for Marvel in the past I still prefer the “let’s sign these people on for their entire lives” style they’ve managed to use so far.