Awesome First ‘Jurassic World’ Poster Is Awesome

Jurassic World

Bask in the glory of the first poster for Jurassic World. Words can’t describe how much I like this poster. Well, they can, I like it a lot. Let’s take a look.

Director [Colin Trevorrow twetted this bad boy out.](

Jurassic World

It’s a nice call back to the original Jurassic Park poster (below). I love the minimalist design. Sure, it’s banking on all kinds of nostalgia but this is probably the perfect movie to market based on nostalgia. Whether you were a kid in the 90s like I was or not Jurassic Park was a film that changed things and we all remember seeing dinosaurs come to life.

_Jurassic World_ is scheduled for release on 12th June 2015 and I don’t know about you but my butt will be in a seat as soon as possible.

Here’s the original Jurassic Park poster for comparison.

Jurassic Park