Weekend Playlist

Gwen Stacy Spider-Woman

What are you up to this weekend? Here’s our choices:


Book: Super Sad True Love oh who am I kidding. More likely to be insightful articles about random things.

Song: 1960’s Adam West Batman theme song, during the inevitable roleplay that seems to be a daily occurrence now. My son tells me I’m Robin. I’ve been Robined by a three-year-old.

Game: I’m till really enjoying Destiny, so maybe I’ll finish up the moon missions on that, but I’ve utterly given myself over to Desert Golfing. Hole 800 and counting. The Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 demo I downloaded from Hong Kong PSN is bloody excellent so maybe a few games of that too, if I’m lucky.

TV: Doctor Who. Last week was a great return to form, although Clara is now the best thing about the show by a country mile.

Film: There’s a documentary on voice actors that I’ve been meaning to watch for weeks. Also, if Edge Of Tomorrow is out to buy, then that as it’s the best sci-fi movie I’ve seen in years.

Comics: Continuing to marvel at the sheer awesomeness that is Gwen Stacy: Spider-Woman. Just look at that outfit.


Book: Super Sad True Love Story: A Novel by Gary Shteyngart. It’s a good thing I’ve got a plane ride coming up on which I can read this book.

Music: I’ve got three albums by Wide Mouth Mason on random because I wanted a nostalgia kick. Don’t worry unless you were a teenager in Canada in the 1990s you wouldn’t have heard of them. But you should check them out.

TV The League started up again and continues to be hilarious.

Movie: The Maze Runner when I have time, which has been basically never all week.


Book: The Social Contract – Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Song: Oats in the Water – Ben Howard

TV: True Detective Season 1

Film: August: Osage County & Gravity