Weekend Playlist


Summer’s scraping to an end and the fresh air is a reminder that, soon, we can legitimately lock ourselves inside with hot tea and any entertainment of our choosing. Here’s this weekend’s selection of indulgence from the AF team:


Book: Super Sad True Love Story: A Novel by Gary Shteyngart (still). I need to make some headway with this and stop thinking about Bone Clocks and Ancillary Sword. Also chipping away at Stormdancer, Jay Kristoff’s fast-paced  steampunk samurai novel that reads like an action movie.

Song: Cherry Bomb by The Runaways. Thanks to Guardians Of The Galaxy and Lollipop Chainsaw, I pretty much have this on repeat.

Game: Lots of PS Vita action – Velocity 2x, Joe Danger, Guacamelee! and Gravity Daze will all hopefully feature at some point. Also, the recent (awful) Heavenly Sword movie really makes me want to whip through the original PS3 game (pictured above) on easy as it’s amazing.

TV: Kill la Kill (weird but apparently great anime from last year), Doctor Who (please be better than last week)

Film: Making plans to watch Guardians Of The Galaxy for the third time, this time in IMAX.

Writing: I’m piecing together an article about the gloriousness of Lollipop Chainsaw, and I finally feel ready to continue my short horror story, Drip.


Book: Super Sad True Love Story: A Novel by Gary Shteyngart. Since last week I’ve almost started reading!

Game: There are a whole lot of new PS Vita games this week so those will likely take up the bulk of my time assuming I can tear myself away from Zookeeper Vs on my iPhone.

Album: V by Maroon 5. Been a fan for years and have been looking forward to the new album.

Film: I’m on holiday so I won’t be making it to the cinema this week or next. Maybe something will catch my interest on Netflix.

TV: Doctor Who if I can find the time but most of the TV I want to see doesn’t start for a while yet.


Book: The Son by Jo Nesbø

Song: Angel Eyes by the Strypes, an Irish band that will give you hope for the future of Rock & September’s writing playlist.

Game: Smurfs’ Village (Beeline for iPhone)

TV: Justified Season 2

Film: Lone Survivor