Legend of Korra Season 4 Trailer: Time Jumps And Flight Suits and Metal Clan, Oh My!

Legend of Korra

The fourth and final season of our favourite animated series is out this fall and now it has a completely awesome trailer. Let’s watch!

Ok, where to start?

Holy shit 3 year time jump!
Holy shit Korra out of the chair!
Holy shit name checked minor character from the last episode of season 3 seems to be the big bad!
Holy shit Katara!
Holy shit metal bending!
Holy shit amazing new air-nation garb!
Holy shit liquid metal!
Holy shit short hair!
Holy shit spirit portals!
Holy shit TOPH!

Ok, there’s not a lot of story in this trailer but the action appears to be top notch again, the characters all seem to have had some updates to account for the three year gap, and it ends on a pretty major “holy shit” / “wasn’t this supposed to happen last year?” moment for long time fans of the franchise, what else do you need?

The Legend of Korra Book 4, titled “Balance”, is premiering on the 3rd of October which is just one week away.