Awesome: Jon Favreau Wants To Open A Restaurant Based On ‘Chef’; Buy The Movie Now


Chef was the story of a celebrity chef who buys a food truck and drives it across the southern United States after his career implodes. Jon Favreau really seems to have found his footing again, much like his character, in returning to the simple movies that made him famous in the first place.

Not only that: the food was amazing. This is not a film you should see hungry. And now if you live in LA there’s an outside chance you won’t have to because Favreau and Chef Roy Choi (consultant on the film) want to open a real EL Jeffe.

Yahoo Movies:

“I love sharing the food with people, so that they could see that food really is as good as it looks,” said Favreau about the restaurant. “It’s not the wisest business venture, but for me it’s a way to let the movie live on and connect with the fans.”

Choi, a food truck innovator who launched the Kogi Korean BBQ taco truck and will soon have his own reality show on CNN, was a consultant and producer on Chef. He sounded equally enthused about the new vittles venture. “We want to turn this into a real restaurant,” said Choi. “When people got out [of screenings], they wanted that thing to be real.”

I only have two problems with this. First, I don’t live in LA. Second, I bet the lineups would be killer. There’s no guarantee that it’ll happen but anyone who has seen the movie will probably find themselves hoping that it does because the food in the movie looked more than amazing.

Chef is a great movie and one of my favourite of the year so far. If you didn’t catch it in theatres you definitely should on Blu-Ray or iTunes. In fact, you can get it on iTunes right now and Blu-Ray release day is tomorrow so here are some links to help you take advantage of that (and help us keep the lights on around here):