Seventh Son trailer: This Movie Is Still Happening

Seventh Son

Remember that medieval swords and sorcery movie that Jeff Bridges and Ben Barnes made a few years ago that was never actually released? Yeah, neither does anyone else which is why there is a new trailer.

This doesn’t really show that much of anything. lots of quick cuts to and from people without allowing enough time to decide if anything or anyone is any good which means that I’m assuming that this will be pretty bad. Jeff Bridges looks like he’s doing Rooster Cogburn but silly again (which was terrible in R.I.P.D.) and no one else has enough screen time to make an impression. Not promising.

It’s entirely possible this might be an amazing movie but it doesn’t really look like it. It does look like it might fall into “so bad it’s good territory” but that’s a fools hope at best.

The film is currently set to open in February 2015 but it was also supposed to open in February 2013, October 2013, and January 2014 and didn’t make any of those dates.