Action Comics #1 Is On eBay and You Probably Can’t Afford It. **Update: SOLD!

Action Comics #1

The the finest known copy of the first ever appearance of Superman is on eBay and you can probably buy it with the change from under the couch cushions at Bill Gates house.

The copy in question is rated 9.0 by the CGC (out of 10, and 9.0 is a higher rating than it seems when you consider that they go up by .5) which is kind of amazing when you consider it was first released in 1938. This must have been in the care of someone who really loves comics (or in an attic somewhere) for some of its life so that is kind of amazing.

It ain’t cheap though, As of this writing the listing has gone up in price by over $100,000 from $1,700,000 to $1,800,000 and there are five days left in the auction.

This is the kind of thing that 90s comic kids like myself always dreamed of (but will never see because 90s comics are basically worthless) so it’s kind of mesmerizing to watch the price increase. And you can, it just went up again to $1,850,000.

You can [check out the auction here]( and here’s a screenshot for posterity.

Action Comics on eBay

**Update:** the comic has sold for $3,207,852.00 USD which sets a new record for _most paid for a single comic ever_. Dayum.

Action Comics #1 on eBay

The previous record for a single comic sale was $3.1 Million for the original artwork from _Tin Tin Comes To America_, and the last time a copy of Action Comics #1 sold it was Nicholas Cage’s copy which went for $2.1 Million in 2011.

This makes me want to dig through every attic and basement in my entire family looking for old comics and trading cards.