Guardians of the Galaxy Extended Trailer

Guardians of the Galaxy

Here’s another trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy. This one is (slightly) longer and features more of the Guardians themselves rather than people talking about them plus if you don’t blink you’ll catch a glimpse of Michael Rooker as Yondu (who looks awesome) and hear a line from Lee Pace as Ronan The Accuser. Lots of characters in this movie have the name “The”. It’s a thing we’re going to have to get used to if the MCU keeps heading down the cosmic path.

This trailer gives us more of the Guardians but it also gives us a better look, I think, at the tone of the movie and it feels like it might be hilarious. Knowing James Gunn the movie is going to be unique and weird (which fits well with how unique and weird the cosmic side of the Marvel Universe is) but hopefully it’s also hilarious. I;ve laughed out loud at basically every joke I’ve heard from the movie so far and that’s a good thing.

Also, is the “12%” thing a recurring thing in the MCU that I somehow missed? The number 12% came up in the Avengers (which I recently rewatched, hence fresh in my head) has it come up anywhere else?

Guardians of the Galaxy comes out 1st August. So close but so far away.